Our First Read Through

Anytime a person pours their heart into a creative project, there is a level of fear that others won’t fully appreciate your effort.  This may be especially true when you are adapting someone else’s work into a new and unique endeavor.

Such is the case for Sarah as she has written a screenplay adaptation of the book, “The Guy I’m Not Dating” by Trish Perry.  Sarah read the book when she was a teenager and has for years told me that she was going to make that story into a movie. I believed her, and now we are.

We have been in pre-production for almost three years on this delightful romantic comedy.  To date, we have secured the rights to make the film, conducted an online casting call, finalized the budget, started seeking investors, and had a read-through with local Nashville actors.

Honestly, I had never participated in a read-through before and didn’t know what to expect.  Sarah has done dozens of read-throughs and did a great job of coordinating the day. We were blessed to be able to use the Abrasive Media studio as a favor from Justin Harvey at Houston Station.  It set the perfect back drop for a day of creativity.

Prep for the day included contacting and pre-casting of all the actors who were willing to sit in for the read-through.  As well, we duplicated the script and worked to have everything ready.

Sarah and I each had a script and our job was to listen and make notes.  We were listening for what read well, who read well, and if the funny parts actually were funny.   We read through it once before lunch and it went great! What was so amazing is that most of the funny parts, when read out loud were way funnier that I had imagined.  On a few rare occasions the jokes fell flat and so we noted it. A few of the actors had a different take on the characters from what we had envisioned, but they pulled of their interpretations well.

We had Chick-fil-A cater lunch and it provided a needed break and fuel for the second read-through.  

We re-assigned the parts to different actors and read through it again.  It was so much fun. We really are indebted to very talented actors who brought this humorous story to life.

Later, when Sarah and I met to go over the notes we had made, I was quite surprised that when we got to a place where a joke didn’t work, Sarah immediately cut it from the script instead of trying to re-work it.  It was a courageous way for her to refine the screenplay.

We are so excited to begin filming in spring of 2019.  Hopefully you will get out, go see it and be thoroughly entertained.

Sarah LeJeune