Bonjour! Hola! Aloha! Hello!

First, I'd like to set the record straight, and help ease your mind, by telling you how to pronounce "LeJeune." It rhymes with "clan," "van," or "fan," and has a soft-ish J sound. Try it out!

Now to the good stuff! I wear many, many hats. Some of my most recent hats include actress, web designer, video editor, producer, singer, and screen writer. I love storytelling in all it's forms.

Acting was my first love and it will always be my absolute favorite hat. I made my stage debut as Aunt Polly in the musical Tom Sawyer in 5th grade, and after that, being on stage was all I wanted. It's been a whirlwind of an acting career since. Some of my favorite on stage credits are: Brigitta in The Sound of Music, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Mary Warren in The Crucible, Gwendolyn Fairfax in The Importance of Being Earnest and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.

After graduating from Fairview High School with honors, I received a performance scholarship to Catawba College where I majored in Theatre Arts for three semesters. During the summer of 2009, I wrote and produced my own film, Sway. Creating this film instilled a brand new passion for filmmaking that I didn't have before, and then I began pursuing acting in both theatre an film.

To further my film studies, I transferred to Austin Peay State University where I graduated Cum Laude in 2012 with a dual degree in Media Technology and Theatre Performance. Throughout college, I performed in musicals, plays, short and full length films, as well as provides voice overs for other video content. In pursuit of my Media Technology degree, I fell in love with both video editing and web design and since graduating have had a successful freelance career in both art forms.

No matter which hat I'm wearing at any given time. I give myself 110%to the job at hand and I hope you with you on a project soon!

A to Z Fun Facts!

Anastasia - Favorite non-Disney Princess
Beauty and the Beast - Favorite Disney movie
Cajun - it's in my blood
Disney - Collector/maniac
Elphaba - Gonna play her one day
French - Language I'm learning as a hobby
Gamer - WoW, Shadows of Mordor, Oot
H - My first name has this letter. Don't leave it out :)
Ireland - Favorite place I've ever traveled to
James McAvoy - Favorite actor
Knitting - A fun hobby I taught myself how to do
LSU - Favorite college football team
Mac - Enthusiast
Newsies - Current soundtrack obsession
Orpheum - Memphis theatre which I frequent
Purple - Favorite color
Quirky - I am
Ramin Karimloo - Favorite Broadway actor
Spaghtti Factory - Favorite restaurant
Twelve - Lucky number
UCLA - Currently studying there
Varsity - Softball, volleyball & bowling
Wicked - I've seen it 14 times
X - A pretty cool letter
Young - What my last name means in French
Zumba - Love love love this!